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Stand-Bye! prevents your PC from going into standby mode as long as files are being downloaded or a backup job is still running. Important downloads will never be cancelled again, but you still can be sure of saving money and the environment! Say “Goodbye” to the old, annoying standby mode and say “Hello” to Stand-Bye! the eco- and wallet-friendly standby of the next generation!

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In developement: Stand-Bye! Enterprise

We are currently working on a new Version of Stand-Bye! which has even more features. The "old" Stand-Bye! will stay open source and free. Release approximately 3rd quarter of 2017.

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Why choose Stand-Bye?

Introducing Stand-Bye!

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Convenience and Environmental Friendliness - all in one

Making your life more convenient AND saving the environment are quite often incompatible objectives which are difficult to reconcile. So, many office workers believe that it is easier to leave their computers running the entire time when nipping out for a nice cup of coffee, trusting that the download or a rendering process will be finished by the time when they finally return to their desks. With Stand-Bye! you can kill two birds with one stone: Your computer will only run as long as necessary to complete whatever job it is supposed to do before going into standby mode.

Complete Control

The default Windows standby mode doesn't give you much freedom in setting the time intervals when your computer is supposed to save power in standby mode. With Stand-Bye! you are in firm control and you are able to customize the settings, thresholds and conditions as to when your PC is supposed to go into standby and save power.

Saving and Money, made easy!

Using Stand-Bye! is more than just saving the environment; it also keeps your wallet full and happy. Simply use our Savings Calculator to find out how much power and money you could save with Stand-Bye! Using Stand-Bye! really makes a world of difference!
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Ready to go within a couple of minutes

It is as simple as that! Download and install the latest version of Stand-Bye! Afterwards, the only thing you have to do is customize the settings in accordance with your PC’s requirements and your personal patterns of use. Stand-Bye! will set the proper system settings automatically. Save money and power in less than 5 minutes!

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In order to keep Stand-Bye as customizable and flexible as possible we have designed a wide selection of practical features. For more technical details or further information, you can download our project work as a PDF.

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Everything important at a glance

Upon activating Stand-Bye! the most important details will be displayed on the screen: your current wait-time, whether Stand-Bye is able to start standby with the current settings and thresholds, and whether you will be able to activate Presentation Mode. Furthermore, there are additional buttons that will link you to further settings, exception processes and our website.
There are also buttons linked to further settings, exception processes and our website.

Screenshot der Wartezeit

Customizable Wait-time

Unlike the default standby from Windows, Stand-Bye! gives you the option of precisely customizing your wait-time, down to the split second!

Screenshot des Presentationsmodus

Presentation Mode

It can be extremely embarrassing and annoying, if your computer suddenly goes into standby during a business meeting or a presentation. This is why we have developed the Stand-Bye! Presentation Mode. When activated, Presentation Mode will prevent both Windows and Stand-Bye! from shutting down your computer or sending your screen to sleep.
Right-click on the Stand-Bye! icon in the task bar to find the Presentation Mode.
New: From now on you can also activate/deactivate Presentation Mode with the following shortcut key-combination: Ctrl+Alt+P

Screenshot der Grenzwerte

Custom Parameters

Every computer and every user is unique. This is why you can customize everything to your needs. All the current values are displayed on the right in the thresholds tab, and you can tell just by looking at the colour, whether Stand-Bye! is just about to send your system into standby with the current values.
You can even decide which workloads should be considered in the first place before going into standby!

Screenshot der Ausnahmeprozesse

Exception Processes

With Stand-Bye! you can determine which processes shall prevent your computer from going into standby. You don't want Steam downloads to be cancelled halfway? In this case simply add Steam as an exception to make sure that Stand-Bye! won't activate standby until you have finished downloading your full load of 40GB.

Screenshot der Audio-Einstellungen

Audio Recognition

Stand-Bye! is now also able to recognise, if your computer is playing audio and thus prevents your computer from going into standby. The audio-recognition feature works regardless of the volume settings. This feature is especially useful, if you enjoy listening to music on your computer via Spotify.

Screenshot der Autostart-Einstellung

Automatic Launching

To spare yourself the effort of manually launching Stand-Bye! every time you turn on your PC (and always forgetting to launch it), we have developed the Stand-Bye! Autostart option, making sure that Stand-Bye! will be launched automatically along with Windows whenever you boot your PC.
However, if this Autostart feature is bugging you, you are free to disable this option anytime.


Supporters of this project

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Infineon is the most important sponsor for this project. Among other things Infineon Technologies sponsored the participation in the "Jugend forscht"-competition and the server for this homepage.
Infineon Website

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The Team

Florian Baader

Florian Baader

Flo thought up the original concept for this project. He also wrote most of the code and was responsible for management and organisation.

Stephan Le

Stephan Le

Stephan was responsible for marketing our software as well as for communicating with sponsors, the press and other contacts. He also tested the software and wrote documentation, statistics and reports for it.

Matthias Weirich

Matthias Weirich

Matthias designed this website and administrated the server it's hosted on. Additionally, he helped writing the software.

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Stand-Bye in Numbers


You are still not convinced of our project? In this case have a look at our sample calculations below and see for yourself how much power you could save with Stand-Bye.

Power Savings of an Average Employee


Input over a Day [W]

  • Without Stand-Bye!
  • With Stand-Bye!

In the course of many internships we have observed that in particular in larger companies employees tend to leave their computers running when going out for lunch or when attending a meeting. And it’s mainly computers which aren't in the midst of doing any (important) work, i. e. those PCs keep running for no particular reason!
The diagram on the left shows you the typical workday of an average employee who is absent from his desk and not using his computer for a total of 2.5 hours a day, but who leaves his computer running unused nevertheless.
Thus, the computer runs non-stop for a total of 9 hours every workday. With Stand-Bye!, 2.5 hours worth of power could be saved every day.
That equals roughly approximately 25% less time, 25% less power usage and 25% less costs!

Power Savings at LMGU


The Computer Labs' Power Usage at LMGU [kWh]

  • Without Stand-Bye!
  • With Stand-Bye!

Another good example is our school, the LMGU. The PCs in both of the computer labs are constantly running between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. in order not to waste any time in class with turning the PCs on and off.
After having evaluated the time table and the labs’ booking schedule, we have come to the conclusion that the labs’ computers are running unused for 52 hours a week (including breaks), whereas they are actually used for a mere 33 hours a week only.
With Stand-Bye! we have managed to save 61% of the power as well as 61% of the costs.

Savings Calculator

The calculator will only work if Javascript is enabled

Savings Calculator

My PC uses an average of Watts.

My PC is on for approx. hours, without me using it.

I pay Cent/kWh for my electricity bill.

Invalid Input!

With Stand-Bye, you can save approximately daily or yearly!

If you now would like to know exactly how much money you can save, please enter your data into the calculator. If you are not sure of the exact wattage of your PC, then use 50 watts for a laptop or 150-200 watts for a desktop PC.
Your data isn't being saved nor is it sent to the server.

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Download Stand-Bye

Our software doesn't have a digital signature yet, so that's why SmartScreen might display a warning, but you can still use it.
It may also occur that you will need .NET Framework or C++ Redistributable.

The Latest Version

You can download the newest version of Stand-Bye! here:

When the download is finished, just open the file and follow the installer's instructions. In case you wish Stand-Bye to start automatically along with Windows, then you can activivate the Autostart feature in the settings.

Download Installer


Help the environment on the go:

The portable version can used without installation, e.g. from a USB stick!

Download .zip

Older Versions

You can find older versions of Stand-Bye in our GitHub repository:

The older versions may potentially contain errors that were fixed in the succeeding versions. If an error or something unexpected happens, then we strongly recommend to install the latest version of Stand-Bye!

To GitHub


If you want to read more about the technical details:

This Paper was written for the "Jugend Forscht" competition and contains detailed information about the inner workings of Stand-Bye! Projektarbeit Jugend Forscht

This Paper was written for a school assignment and takes a deeper look at differen possibilities of porting Stand-Bye! to other operating systems. Das Jugend Forscht-Projekt Stand-Bye! - Portierung auf ein anderes Betriebssystem

This Paper also was written as a school assignment and contains some information on how much energy you can really save using Stand-Bye! Messung der Stromersparnis mit Stand-Bye!